In HMDAVision, you can calculate mortgage originations market share in seconds.

Lender rankings, market share, and interactive mortgage market analysis

Easier and faster exploration of mortgage market trends from 2018 through 2022.


Did you know that the HMDA data modeled in HMDAVision, 100+ million loan-level transactions, can help you with your sales strategy?

Start by performing competitive analysis with laser precision at every geographic level, including census tract.

Bring your questions about your target markets, products, and competitors across ~80,000 census tracts, and get immediate answers in HMDAVision.

Measure Rank and Market Share
HMDAvision allows you to find the answers with laser precision all the way down to the census tract.
Now you can measure your market power and brand awareness in your local market or borrower segment or product segment in HMDAVision.
Competitive Analysis
Now you can analyze over 4,300 single-family (and multi-family) lenders in HMDAVision. You can select peers individually, or create a peer group and do side by side comparisons.

Who are the major players in your market? And who are your direct competitors / peers?

Why do they win? Are they offering niche products? Pricing more aggressively? Serving better a target market?

What channels are they using?

Who do they sell on the secondary market?

How does your pricing strategy compares to your peers?

Are your peers leaving any opportunity on the table?

What is your market share vs. your closest competitors?

Are you more or less efficient (apps-to-close) than your peers?

What is the loan product mix are they offering?

Mortgage Market Segmentation

HMDAvision allows you to perform this type of analysis in minutes so that you can spend more time strategizing how to hone your product, lead gen, and sales strategy for maximum success.

Tailor your mortgage lending strategy for different property markets at a local level. For example, how has the vacation home segment been served and by whom? Be savvy - how are the local trends comparing to the national level trends?

Powerful geo location filters allow for both interactivity and precision of targeting.

Mortgage sales territory and market definition

With HMDAvision you can analyze, define, or adjust your market.

Side-by-side comparisons with the choice of a peer group, or a named peer, allow for immediate analysis of lending patterns in your market from the census tract all the way to the national level, with detailed filters for borrower, product, and property type.

SWOT Analysis
HMDAvision is your go-to tool! You will be able to perform SWOT analysis rapidly, consistently, and accurately. Discover your strengths and note any weaknesses, identify opportunities and threats and move your strategy forward with confidence.
Do you need a data-driven SWOT analysis?
SWOT enables you to look at your current capabilities relative to meeting a new lending need.
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