To empower people to imagine and create a better housing industry and better society through open data.
Lyubomira leads our company, with a focus on business development and product development. Lyubomira's previous successes include roles at Citibank and Bank of America. A Certified Mortgage Banker and alumna of the Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, Lyubomira is a sought-after mentor, instructor, and speaker. Outside Polygon Research, she is an active philanthropist through her work with ROSSCA.
Greg leads our software, cloud, and data science teams at Polygon Research. Known for the commitment and expertise he brings to each product and client engagement, Greg's work is focused on leading clients through the virtuous cycle that starts with competitive advantage and leads to a better way of doing business for all. He holds a BA from Cornell University and an MBA from the Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.
Greg Oliven, Chief Technology Officer
Lyubomira Buresch, Founder & CEO
Data Analyst
Yunjia (Alven) Li
Alven works closely with our CTO on strategic data science initiatives. She contributes to prototyping, product development, and demonstrations for prospective clients, and leads our time series forecasting and anomaly detection work through the InstantML platform TIM from Tangent Works. Alven holds a BA in Mathematics & Economics from Fordham University.